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Mud Pumps

APT has developed triplex series and quintuplex series mud pumps ranging from 5000 HP to 3000 HP.  

The series products include:

  • F500 - F2200 series normal mud pump
  • F1600HL/F2200HL series high pressure (modified to 7500 PSI) mud pump
  • F1800 - F2200 series light weight mud pump
  • QDP-3000 quintuplex high pressure mud pump and pump unit
  • Permanent magnet motor direct drive pump and pump unit

Mud Pump Series

F-Mud Pump (5000 PSI)

F-Mud Pump (7500 PSI)

PZ Mud Pump

P Mud Pump

Mud Pumps


Mud Pump (5000 PSI)


F500, F800 and F1000 pump is 5000PSI. 

Small, light and reliable, APT F series are the best choices for shallow well and mid-deep well drilling rigs.

F1300/1600 and F2200 pump is 5000PSI, which are the best choices for mid-deep well and deep well drilling rigs due to its large displacement and high reliability.



 F1600HL and F22000HL pump is 5000PSI, the modified fluid end can reach 7500PSI with the max displacement of 51.85L/S and 77.65L/S respectively. 

It is the best choice for deep well, super deep well, large displacements horizontal well, high pressure drilling, off-shore platform and other drilling rigs. 



APT engineers, manufactures PAH275  /PZ7 / PZ8 / PZ9 / PZ11 mud pump.
Features (PZ series mud pump):
1)  Nodular iron power frame, eccentric, connection rods, and crossheads
2)  Double-row-spherical roller bearings carry eccentric
3)  Double extended Jackshaft carried on heavy-duty straight roller bearings
4)  Dual roller bearing connecting rod
5)  Heat-treated alloy steel main gears are bolted to the eccentric
6)  Replaceable bronze crosshead slides
7)  Full splash lubrication, with oil pump to feed working parts
8)  Heat-treated alloy steel, interchangeable fluid cylinders
9)  Three-rib API-7 urethane insert valves and seats
10) Replaceable oil filter element and oil pressure gauge
11) Threaded valve covers
12) Plated piston rods
13) Complete piston washing and lubrication system
14) The monoblack forging of hollow sphere for the pulsation dampener 



APT engineers, manufactures 8-P-80 / 9-P-100 / 10-P-130 / 12-P-160 mud pump
Feature: (P series mud pump)
1) Compact structure
2) Light weight
3) Onshore drilling
4) High efficiency
5) Fluid end design efficiently increase performance of three cylinders
6) Independent structure can be easily maintenance and inspection during operation