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Hose loops


Hose Loops

APT's cementing & circulating hoses are manufactured in various sizes and in various configuration suitable for HP discharge pipelines, water supply lines, well test lines, cementing slurry lines and other HP supply lines. 

Composed of swivel joints and straight pipes, and featured by flexibility , stability, quick installation and easy dismantling.

  • Available type: short radius flexible manifolds, long radius flexible manifolds, integral type flexible manifolds
  • Available sizes: 1-1/2",2",3",4"
  • Pressure rating: 5000PSI - 15000PSI

1) Easily connected with pumps or other pipes with unions. 
2) Excellent flexibility, shock-resistance, vibration-resistance and large displacement. 
3) Connected with wing unions
4) Excellent sealing performance
5) Easily and quickly tightened or dismantled