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Hammer Unions


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APT offers a comprehensive range of standard and sour gas hammer unions.  Each union is thoroughly inspected to ensure long, dependable service in the most extreme conditions, including thread connection type, welding type and H2S service unions. 

1"- 4" and CWP of 1000PSI - 20000PSI unions are available.
Thread connection:
FIG100, FIG200, FIG206, FIG400, FIG402, FIG602, FIG1002, FIG1502
Rated: 1000PSI-15000PSI
Welding Union:
FIG20, FIG60, FIG1002, FIG1502, FIG2002,
Rated: 2000PSI-20000PSI
H2S welding union:
Rated: 5000PSI – 15000PSI

Reliable Sealing performance
Seal rings are made of quality rubber compound which greatly enhance load-bearing capacity and sealing performance and protect connectors from erosion. Different pressures and applications have different sealing method.
Fast Installation
Wherever they are, wing nuts and rigid ACME will ensure quick installation or dismantling without special tools.
Highly Interchangeable
All unions are made in English system, and seal rings are fully interchangeable with SPM or FMC equivalent products; Marks of size and pressure in wing nuts are formed in die-forging model, same as international products.

Advanced Machining and Inspection Method

Spherical adapters machined by precision NC machine tools and LP thread machined by special cutting tools can ensure high sealing performance; Wing nuts machined by NC machines have high strength and load-bearing capacity; Welding materials and welding grooves conform to API 16C; Unions for sour gas environment are strictly manufactured to NACE-MR0175 and API RP-14E.