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APT Choke Valve


Devote to adjust flow and pressure  in HP pipelines. 

Model: fixed and adjustable. 

The adjustable choke valves can be divided into needle, plunger and orifice plate type. They can be manually or hydraulically operated, and conform to API 6A and 16C. Flow and pressure can be adjusted through changing fluid passage section by cone surface of needle type valve bar, vertical movement of plunger or rotation of orifice plate. 

Available sizes: 2" & 3" 

Pressure Rate: 5000 PSI - 15000 PSI


1) Flow adjustment is indicated on a measuring scale
2) Cone head of valve bar and flow nipple with embedded carbide alloy
3) Plunger and orifice plate  made of special metal. This service life will be longer
4) Fixed flow nipple in imperial system ,completely interchanged with other equivalent products